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Jonas Lüscher was on the bus from the start playing the bass. He earned is master degree on bass at the jazz school Luzern. Currently he is travelling in Latin America  and his substitute and backup is Christian Lienhard which is a great help during the absence of Jonas. Michael Hammer beating the drums as a master as well keeps us in rhythm. Renato Rizzo is the guitar virtuoso giving the songs it's magic. All of them are mainly occupied in teaching and transferring there knowledge to young future musicians.   

On The Bus was born drinking beer in the pub and meeting some nice guys/musicians eager to have fun. Paul which has been writing songs for over thirty years and playing them as a singer / songwriter on his own grabbed the opportunity to bring these songs in to a band context and develop them further with the input of these great musicians.  

Paul Hoffmann            Vocals / Guitar

Jonas Lüscher            Standing Bass

Michael Hammer        Drums / Percussion

Renato Rizzo               Guitar

Christian Lienhard      Our bass for emergencies

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